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Additional Shipping Options


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Below are available options you can to your cart for added insurance during the shipping process!

**CARRIER INSUREANCE: U.S. customers can add INSURANCE to their purchases of up to $100 by selecting the carrier insurance option. this item is valid for U.S. CUSTOMER ONLY. Once an item is shipped, and in the hands of USPS it is then out of our control if the package is lost, or misdelivered by a USPS carrier. USPS will not refund us without insurance , therefore we cannot refund you due to their mishaps without purchasing this added protection.

**INTERNATIONAL TRACKING: International packages are shipped as a "thick envelope" - this is uninsured and tracking is unavailable unless your add this international tracking option to your cart to ensure safe parcel delivery that can be insured, delivered quicker, and tracked!

**PACKAGE UPGRADE: an option I created specifically for my sticker customers since I ship stickers via letter mail (untrackable and uninsured) to save on cost. This option is added so that stickers will ship via First Class instead of letter mail in either a bubble mailer or photo envelope for added security. While this option was created with sticker mail in mind, this can also be purchased to upgrade domestic packages from First Class to PRIORITY mail, which automatically insures up to $50, and is usually faster (as proclaimed by the post office)