How To Display Enamel Pins

Are you new to pin collecting or thinking about collecting enamel pins? Then this blog post is your you. I have a detailed video at the end of this post. 

I have collected enamel pins for over 5 years now. That's slightly longer than I have been designing them myself. Lately I've been pushing myself to be super active on TikTok, especially about my pin making process. I've been very fun and has helped me channel my creativity in ways I haven't had to before in the past few years of running my small business. Recently I posted a video on how to display enamel pins. I really wanted to share it to my Instagram reels as well, but unfortunately with the one minute reel cap, I cannot. I'm super thankful for TikTok's 3 minute video ability because it allows me to post helpful how-to videos and details sketching videos without cramming all that information into a couple seconds. In this video I detailed my favorite ways to display my pins. 

Here are some of the ways I display my enamel pins:

1. Corkboard

The corkboard is my absolute favorite! Years ago when I bought my very first enamel pin (it was a hard enamel pin of the Sailor Moon brooch!), the second I fell in love with it in all it's shiny glory, I knew it was a piece of art that needed to be cherished. I had an old pin board passed down to my from my parents. I was going to use it for notes and pictures, but once I collected one pin I very soon discovered that pin collecting it addicting. Boom- not very long after, I had ten pins on this corkboard. And that was just the beginning! 

I love how put together pin collections look on a corkboard, especially if you collect pins from a specific fandom. This past year I put several Jujustu Kaisen pins into production from fan art I drew, and since I keep one of each pin I create, I've housed them on a small hexagonal shaped board. Boards frame your collection and make them look really neat and put together. They also make it easy to hang on your wall like the pieces of art they are.

2. Bags

Another easy way to display your pins is by sticking them on a bag! There are 2 main ways you can go about this method. First, you can just pin them normally on any standard bag, like a backpack. I recommend canvas material as the sharp pin backs will obviously pierce through and ruin materials like leather. I also recommend investing in locking pin backs when using this method to add security to your pins so they don't fall off as easily. If you're like me and get anxiety at the thought of losing your pins (I am constantly checking that they're still there when i wear them!), buy yourself an ita bag! Ita bags are special bags with a clear PVC window were you can display your pins and other small flair safely within your bag. 

I am designing an ita bag of my own and it will be coming to Kickstarter soon!

3. On Clothing

You can wear your pins in multiple ways, not just on bags. A jean jacket is a great way to show off a couple of your favorite pins and really represent a fandom you love! I have also worn pins on my jeans. Again, with this method I recommend locking pin backs! Denim is very sturdy so they hold the pins well, but you can also try a thick hoodie, or scarves! Get creative with your fandom fashion. 

4. Lanyards

Lanyards are another great way to wear your pins out without putting them directly on your clothing. I only recently got into lanyards, but once I did I grew to love them very quickly. This method is perfect for those of your who travel light, or aren't fans of carrying bags. I love to grab my lanyard for days when I am just making a quick trip to the store, or running around with my toddler in places where a bag would get in the way (like at the park). 

The great thing about lanyards is you can collect those in addition to pins in whatever fandoms you like. I have cute Sailor Moon one that I put some of my small moonie pins on, and even a Friday the 13th lanyard because I love scary movies. I put some of my spooky, non-anime pins on it! 


Now these 4 ways are just a handful of ways you can display your pins, but i know there are many more ways. Throughout my years in the pin community, I have seen fellow makers and collectors get really creative. What are your favorite ways to display your pins? If you'd like to see a part two with more ways to display your enamel pins, please comment below, or on the tiktok video and let me know!


My video on how I display my enamel pins can be found here:


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